The Colibri Circle

The path to full-filled living

The path to full-filled living

Journeys, Retreats and Workshops for spiritual growth, empowerment and heartfull living

The Colibri Circle offers retreats, journeys and workshops to (re)connect with ones life energy and purpose. Silence Retreat, Inner Journeys, Connecting with Nature, the art of meditation, the joy of movement. Just to name a few themes which are a part of the retreats.  

Enjoying the art of self discovery, by facing ones shadows and blockages. Revealing the hidden potential inside, releasing the old and bringing in the new! Vital, focused, empowered.

Why do you do the things you do? What do you want to change?
‘Step into the Colibri Circle to ignite the change you wish to see in your life.’

Colibri Circle
29 March - 8 April 2023

Spiritual Journey through Ancient Egypt

Look at yourself through the Eyes of Ancient Egypt

The Colibri Circle is happy to take you on an inner journey of discovery through Egypt.
A path in which transformation, balance, unity and love are central.
On the sites we visit, we find energy fields that help us to connect more deeply with our essence, to transform what does not serve us and to remember and propagate our true mission on earth.