Egypt Journey Program

Our travel through the ancient land Kemet, as Egypt was formerly named, is an inner journey as well as an outer journey. The ancient Egyptian sites are charged with source energy, seeded over 5.000 years ago. Through meditations and workshops we connect with these fields. This way we bridge the etheric with our physical emotions.

This program is preliminairy and may be subject ot changes.

Day 1, 2,  – Cairo / Gizah

We get to know eachother. And we visit the Pyramids and Sphinx.

Day 3, 4 – Aswan

We visit serveral sacred sites, like the Philae temple of Isis. Going deeper inside and unfolding pieces of the past.

Day 5 – Travel to Luxor

We travel to Luxor and along the way we visit sacred sites like Edfu and Komombo.

Day 6, 7 – Luxor

Luxor is a walhalla of sacred sites. During our time there we will visit the tempels in Karnak, the West Bank with the Valley of the Kings and Queens and other point of interest we would like to share with you.

Day 8 – Dendera

Today we visit the Hathor tempel in Dendera. One of the sites which we consider a must for any trip to Egypt.

Day 9 – Abydos

Our spiritual journey ends in Abydos, where we will visit the Osiris sacred site.

Day 10 – Luxor

Today we will have a free day in Luxor.

Day 11 – Return back home

We say our goodbyes for your flight back to your homecountry.

Journey Fee

See here the practical information and conditions.


Egypt Journey

Date: 29 March - 8 April 2023