Spiritual Journey Egypt

Look at yourself through
the eyes of Ancient Egypt

2 April – 12 April 2024

A spiritual journey along the river Nile, the path of Goddess Isis

The Colibri Circle is happy to take you on an inner journey of discovery through Egypt. A path in which transformation, balance, unity and love are central.

On the sites we visit, we find energy fields that help us to connect more deeply with our essence, to transform what does not serve us and to remember and propagate our true mission on earth.

We go to places where the pure energy of the earth and the cosmos can be felt.

And we discover which energy fields resonate with our chakras. There will be lessons about: our emotions, living with and transforming shadow sides, inner balance, and life and death.

Stephen and Delores guide the group and each individual to better understand the energy and integrate certain aspects of it if necessary. It is the path of love and living from authenticity and true power.

To this day, the goddess Isis is still an important influence in the history of ancient Egypt. During this self-discovery journey, you can experience what the energy of Isis represents and how to apply this awareness in daily life. We travel along the Nile and visit sites once chosen by Pharaohs and priests in Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Dendera and Abydos.

The earth and humanity need people who know themselves and can apply their true self-love for their growth and for the benefit of the world.

Do you dare to live from your full potential and accelerate your growth with the help of magical ancient Egypt?

See the preliminairy program below.

Do you hear the call for this journey? Join Us!

Closing 12 March 2024

The Journey Overview

Spiritual Journey Through Ancient Egypt

Our travel through the ancient land Kemet, as Egypt was formerly named, is an inner journey as well as an outer journey. The ancient Egyptian sites are charged with source energy, seeded over 5.000 years ago. Through meditations and workshops we connect with these fields. This way we bridge the etheric with our physical emotions.

2- 12 April 2024
Start: Cairo
End: Luxor

This program is a preliminary. We intend to follow this itinerary, as it is our preferred program. The detailed program including the hotels will be send out short before the start of the journey. We look forward to taking you on this magical trip through the land of Kemet, as ancient Egypt was known before. On this path through the land, we are connected to and guided by the energy field of the Goddess Isis; we will transmit lessons in relation to this path of the Goddess Isis. Bringing in the wisdom of the balance between the femininity and masculinity. Every sacred site is connected to a chakra, something which we will explore along the way. On every sacred site you will be asked to explore a certain aspect of (your) life, the energy fields can give you some valuable insights. At some sites you will receive an initiation.

To integrate all that is experienced along the way, we have built in several moments of free time. Also, these moments offer a great opportunity to explore the Egyptian local life, markets and culture from another perspective. 

Day 1 – 2 April – Arrival day
You will be picked up from the airport by our travel service
17:00 – 22:00 – Official Welcome At the Hotel 
This evening is a time to meet each other and taking the first steps in our journey. We take time, through meditation, to leave the place where we came from behind and ground in Egypt. We get to know each other and share our intentions for this journey. Also, will we go through the travel schedule and explain the practicalities and all other relevant information of this trip. Together we will have a dinner, the evening will end at 22:00 to give you all time to rest.

Day 2 – 3 April – Saqqara Temple Site
– 8:00 – Morning breakfast
– 9:00 – We visit Saqquara temple 
Today we visit, Saqqara. Our bus departs early in the morning from Cairo. We venture on to the Necropolis of Saqqara, site of the Djoser pyramid.
– 12:00 – Lunch time and sharing
– 14:00 – free time, with the option to visit Cairo
– 19:30 – Dinner and closing the day with a meditation

Day 3 – 4 April – Giza Pyramids
Early breakfast and grounding meditation
– 8:30 Visit Giza Pyramids and Sphinx
Today we visit Giza´s ancient site, to marvel at the oldest and only remaining wonder of the ancient world: the pyramids. We will also get close to the Sphinx and explore this enigmatic energy field.
– 12:00 Lunch time
– 14:00 Free Time
– 19:30 Dinner and closing the day with a sharing meditation 

Day 4 – 5 April – Aswan
Flight to Aswan early morning with breakfast / snack pack
– 10:00 Visit Kalabsha Island, where we will find the temple of Mandoulis. The energy field on this island can teach us a lot about our relationship to divinity.
– 12:00 Lunch time
– 14:00 Visit Philae Island Isis Temples, the Isis temple in Aswan has been moved when the Nasr Dam was constructed. We will step in the field of the original location as well as the new location.
– 16:30 To the hotel to check in and settle.
– 20:00 Dinner

Day 5 – 6 April – Aswan
– 9:30 Breakfast together and sharing – followed by a free day
The hotel is in the Nubian Village. It is an inviting environment to stroll around and do some shopping later in the evening. Dinner together is optional (not included in the participation fee).

Day 6 – 7 April – Aswan
– 09:00 – Drive to Luxor with a stop to visit Komombo, a temple complex depicted to Sobek, the crocodile god. We will have lunch in the Komombo area. 
Then the journey continues to Edfu temple, which is dedicated to Horus, the son of Isis.
– 19:00 – Arrival in Luxor – Hotel on the West Bank
– 20:00 – Dinner in the hotel, closing the day 

Day 7 – 8 April – Luxor
– 10:00 – Vist Valley of the Kings and Queens
– 13:00 – Lunch break at the hotel
– 15:00 – Visit small Goddess Isis temple at the West Bank. This little temple also gives space to do a special mediation / session
– 17:30 – Return to the Hotel and free evening

Day 8 – 9 April – Abydos
Breakfast and check-out
– 09:00 – Travel to Abydos, the Abydos temple is dedicated to God Osiris. The trip from Luxor to Abydos takes about 3 hours. During the trip there will be snacks and refreshments to share.
– 12:00 – Lunch in Abydos
– 13:30 – Visit the Abydos Temple. In this field we will look at life, death and resurrection / rebirth, which is the terrain of God Osiris.
– 15:30 – Check in to hotel & free time
– 18:30 – Group session / meditation
– 20:00 – Dinner in the hotel

Day 9 – 10 April – Dendera
Breakfast and check-out
– 10:00 – Travel to Dendera, which dedicated to Goddess Hathor, and step into the field of mother energy and the waters of creation.
– 11:30 – Dendera visit and special meditation in de gardens of the tempels
– 14:00- Lunch in the area followed by return to Luxor
– 16:00 – Check in to hotel on the east bank & free evening in Luxor
Optional to have dinner together

Day 10 – 11 April – Karnak Integration
We will start at 7:00 in the morning. This last morning of the journey is a special sunrise visit to the temples of Karnak. This huge temple complex is like an open air museum representing the world. All the deities are found here, with also reference to other ancient cultures.

A special visit will be arranged to the Sekhmet shrine followed by a very special introduction to some other energy fields. This morning is to integrate the past 9 days in the journey. An opportunity to do a final deep dive into (your) life questions.

After this tombola of temples we will have a nice hearty breakfast at a nearby restaurant.

We will close the official program of the journey on a special location, after which you are free to spend the day to your liking.

At 20:30 we come together again for our last dinner together… for now.

Day 11 – 12 April – Closing
Breakfast and goodbyes. The journey ends in Luxor, till we meet again.


Do you hear the call for this journey? Join Us!

Closing 12 March 2024
Also, we are available to answer all your questions. Feel free to contact us: [email protected]