What we offer...

Colibri Circle offers retreats, workshops, coaching and training for women and men. In all our meetings, nature and healthy food are important. We will give the experience of a treat for body and soul. Our year calendar will show activities around the world, which stir the enthusiasm in our hearts as much as the colibri likes to levitate enjoying the nectar of the flowers.

Silence retreats

Join us for a week of decluttering the mind, relaxing the body and nourishing the soul. By taking a break from social-media and non-stop action. Let’s release our tensions and return home feeling refreshed and clear. We will enjoy walks in nature, meditate, do breathwork and dive into the teachings of who we are. We will offer you tools that will support you in silence.  The aim is to return home with more connection to ourselves.

The essence of being

The essence of Bali, the essence of being, the essence of YOU!
Bali has long been called “earthly paradise”. The Balinese people live, in harmony, grace and creativity. By wandering through this paradise we can see and feel the essence of Bali and during a 10 day retreat we will help you to connect to your essence too.

Conscious Lifestyle retreats

How do you manifest your wishes in your daily life? During the conscious lifestyle retreat we offer a beautiful week during which we create those tools that will suit your conscious lifestyle.


For women and men we offer specific workshops with the archetype of the gender. Like womb dialogues and men work. Furthermore we present general themes around life & death and dealing with daily (stressful) situations.

Nature retreats & workshops

Through looking at the mirror offered by Nature, we help and support you with your growth path.