Who are we...

The Colibri Circle is an initiative of kindred spirits; Stephen and Delores. They met each other on the soils of the Netherlands. What started as long-term friendship, grew also into a heartfelt organisational partnership.

“We wish to share our vision, skills and creativity with those who wish to look inside in order to discover the hidden gems in themselves. While releasing blocks and limitations.”

Each one of us brings our own specific talent and energy in the circle to create a safe and grounded setting for the participants. We have gone through our own processes of transformation and empowerment. This enables us to be trusted facilitators and guides during group and private sessions. You will be in good hands. Whether you participate in a workshop, retreat or a private session; so come and join us. In the Colibri Circle.

Stephen Ho Sam Sooi

Before consciously starting my spiritual path, I worked as a model and organized fashion shows and events in clubs. Beauty was very important. Through a spiritual teacher I became more aware of myself and I noticed that I did not know myself at all. That was the beginning of finding my inner beauty.

Delores Diana Wielzen

Sprouted on Dutch grounds and blooming on Ibiza since 2013. My intention is to create a harmonious energy field through whatever I am doing. I am active as Intuition Mentor, during which I guide my clients to find the deeper answers to their daily themes. These sessions are online, as well as in person.

As a woman I have dedicated I am also interested in the journey of the feminine, on a personal and a collective level. The womb is a beautiful space that we all ¨should¨ explore to get more insight about ourselves in relation to all that is. 

Also I am following my passion for Plant Based Cuisine as a holistic chef for retreats and private occassions.