The path to full-filled living

Life is meant to be lived to its fullest potential. Free to follow ones own path according to ones values and passion, free from conditioning and peer pressure. Allowing your inner strength to manifest itself. Like the Colibri who enjoys the nectar of life, levitating from flower to flower, touching the heart of every flower. And that is what we invite you to do, to go an inner journey with us. Touching the essence, because this is were your life path starts.

Our year calendar shows activities around the world.

Retreats, Journeys, Workshop and other events

Customised events

No retreat, journey or workshop is the same, because everybody is unique. Within the theme or framework of the event we both have a sharp eye for the needs of the individual as well as the dynamic of the group. We bring over 15 years of experience in the field of coaching / guiding clients on their life path. As a team we bring a wide array of skills and capacities. We work in an intuitive, personal and professional way. All that we offer we have experienced and embodied ourselves before passing it on, because we feel that this is the only way to share know-how in a truthful manner.

Furthermore, we are enthusiastic about what we bring and this passion is reflected in the attention and the quality that we bring.

The list below shows an example of the themes and tools we use

  • When levitating above your own life, what do you embrace and what do you wish to change?
  • How do you manifest your wishes in your daily life?
  • Self appreciation, abundance and havingness
  • Balanced Lifestyle, self healing tools
  • Group and family constellations
  • Meditations & Movement
  • Energy reading & Healing

Join our Egypt Journey!


We value silence and the power it has. In these times Silence feels like a luxury. Since the introduction of social media and hyper modern technology a moment of silence is sometimes hard to integrate in ones life.
At the same time some people feel intimidated by the thought of complete silence. But the greatest things come forth out of silence. The universe was born out of silence, the big bang was actually a silent manifestation. Connecting to the inner stillness brings awareness to ones life patterns. Stillness may give a different and fuller perspective of ones life. This new point of view may ignite an long desired change.

The only thing constant in life is Change, it may sound cliché. Stepping out of the comfort zone, exploring the boundaries of the self. Change can be an opportunity to grow. An invitation to expand the inner knowledge allowing to live in closer connection with oneself.

The Colibri Circle

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein


Where would we be without nature? Humans are the carbon copy of nature and an integral part of it. That is why we select the locations of our events carefully. Close to nature, where we can experience all the elements. In all retreats we create a peaceful environment in a beautiful setting, with natural surroundings. With us you are safe to be yourself. Your body will get a treat with uplifting Healthy food, Meditation and Bodywork.

Healthy Food

To nourish both body and soul. During the retreat we host in private villa´s around the globe the sensory experience will be a treat for body, mind and soul. Our cuisine is gourmet style vegan full of color and flavor. We use fresh local and mostly ecological ingredients. The menu will be prepared by our own professional vegan chef.