Meet Wieneke

Life changing coach


My name is Wieneke, born and raised in the Netherlands. Mother of a beautiful son Bodan.

In all facets of life, I believe it is important to reflect on what drives oneself or what is holding one back. So one can recognize one’s own patterns and feel one’s resonance. That is why I help people to become aware of their sensory perceptions.

My passion is to guide individuals and groups toward self-realization, autonomy and experiencing personal freedom. Through coaching or training I include different skills. Including cognitive techniques, breathwork, meditation physical exercise and all other sensory experiences.

I have a strong sense for reading people’s inner emotions. Which allows me to empower people from a sincere and honest connection. People experience me as funny, compassionate, attentive, joyful, sensual, vulnerable and honest.

My goals are to live consciously and experience life fully. I wish to stay always in touch with my perceptions and feelings, to co-create with and to learn from others.