Silence. Sometimes it feels like a luxury ‘product’ in these day and age. The ether is full with noise and messages, cluttering the mind. Noises coming through from social media, demanding lifestyles in which people are juggling work and private life. In attempt to find some balance in all the activities people are faced with and have to choose from.

But what happens when one chooses to be silent? On a personal level a whole whirlwind of things might happen. From a scientific point of view, silence offers a range of positive effects. From stress relieve to regenerating cells in the brain, enhancing memory and creativity. The list of benefits on the human brain and physics is extensive.

This is all good and well, but we are interested in what happens on a personal level, the side effect of the scientific findings. What happens when the brain has quieted down, the stress symptoms are leaving the body. What is being revealed?

A personal experience from Delores. ‘After the noise has died down, I feel more relaxation in my body, and the clarity when it comes to life questions and issues. The noise prevents me from hearing what my inner voice has to say about life. The answers that I get on these apparent complex questions are in general very simple. And also my connection to nature is ignited, I blend in with my natural surrounding instead of passing through them. Like all the senses are more noticed. For example eating becomes a more sensatory experience.’

Do you wish to experience what a Silence can bring you? A silence retreat on Ibiza may be of interest to you. See for yourself.

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