A few of our retreats are on Ibiza. I often hear, Why?

Ibiza is a small Island and it is as big as the region Utrecht in the Netherlands. It has a beautiful energy. I visit Ibiza since 1980. Immediately when I arrive I feel at home, the island also gives me a sense of freedom and coming from the Netherlands that is strange.

Ibiza is known for the huge clubs and parties, but it has also another side. A more tranquil side. There is so much offered to develop yourself, there are numerous workshops, spiritual retreats, Yoga classes and more. For a spiritual being like me it is like a candy shop. There is too much to choose from.

I’ve heard locals say, when they live up north they only go to the south when they have to go to the airport. That shows how some people feel about  the difference between north and south. Ibiza city is in the south just like most of the hotels and the super clubs.

Surprising to me is: every beach has their own clientele and atmosphere. Every day You can visit another beach and you will not meet the same people. I still find new neighborhoods which to me, do not feel like Ibiza at all. The hippie like locals are a feast to my eyes and as a vegetarian, there are numerous restaurants with fabulous food.

We use our own methods to get you through the silent retreat. It is every time different cause We use our senses to feel what is of importance for a group and the tasks will be adjusted to the groups level. That’s why it’s never the same. Curious?  We are more than happy to welcome you on our next In silence retreat on Ibiza.


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