A new decade is around the corner, we are on the threshold of 2020. If 2020 had a smell, I would perceive it as a fresh fern just sprouting from the earth. With a hint of fairy dust in the form of morning dew.

Well, a new decade. This years goals setting inspires me to look back a decade instead of just one year.

Looking back, the past 10 years have been life changing in many senses. For one, I decided to move to Ibiza, which is about 7 years ago. Following the inner drive, not really knowing with what purpose. This led me to a change of career. Leading me to live a more fulfilled life.

Looking back I have a lot to be thankful for, even though this decade was not without challenges and the occasional struggles. I have received gifts in various forms, I have learned more than I expected I would and I have discovered more about myself than I would have dared to dream about. Also I let go of illusions and unnecessary fears. I am experiencing more and more that Trust is a way to pave a smooth path. In summary the balance of being content is tipping over to positive.

Hearing the steps of 2020 approaching I will take a moment to map out my vision for the decade to come. This is an inner journey, comparable to what we do at Colibri Circle, when working with our clients.

This vision will give me a 360 degrees view of my life, horizontally, vertically, from above and beyond. It is directing me to my true intentions, which I feel passionate about to pursue. These intentions are about my creativity, my personal & spiritual growth, my physical well being, my relationships (in the broader sense of the word), love, my income and my purpose. It will be an interesting journey to which I look forward to and possibly share in a future blog post.

How do you set your intentions, what is the way to enter in your inner world? Feel free to share and comment your approach on entering into a new decade.

by Delores Diana Wielzen

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