Colibri Update 1 – 2020

Dear ones,

This blog is to update you about  what is happening with the Colibri Circle behind the scenes and in the spotlights.

The year has started with a buzzing feeling in our bellies. We felt the storming energy of 2020 already in our systems before Ciara hit the surface. We have stepped into the new year with enthusiasm and the tickling sensation of dreams being manifested. Every year brings a change, some form of transition.

This year this comes in the form of wishing one of our Colibri  Circle Team members good luck with her year plans. Our dear friend Wieneke van der Wissel has decided to leave the Colibri Circle. She wishes to focus and create more time for other projects and her own business Feel Life Now. We wish her all the best with her plans and continue to be in touch with her, as the friends that we have been and continue to be.

So, we move on enthusiastically as the Colibri Circle duo, Stephen and Delores. For this year we kept our (preliminary) calendar simple and focused. Please have a look at our event calendar to see what we have coming ahead. Since we have been receiving many requests for a silence retreat in the Netherlands, we have decided to run a weekend of silence in May.

Also the Ibiza Silence Retreat is on the agenda, as well a another journey to Egypt.

Have a look ! And see what appeals to you. Looking forward to meeting you!


Stephen and Delores




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